International Food Fest

   Allen House carried out a program called Allen International Potluck as a way for students not only to portray their culinary mastery, but to educate and share with others a piece of the culture they experienced first-hand in another country. Allen House is comprised of many students who have had the chance to live abroad, experience the culture and savor the food. As such, it was a great chance for the students to cook a dish they enjoyed back in those countries and to share it with others.

[Photo 1: Students preparing ingredients]

   The chefs gathered the day before to purchase their ingredients based on their own recipes and thereafter gathered at the Self-Kitchen in F Dorm (2nd Dormitory) to start preparation. We had students who prepared dishes from countries such as America, Mexico, Russia and Canada. For two hours, the students diligently washed, cut and prepared their ingredients and enjoyed themselves while cooking. It was a lot of fun watching them laugh throughout the entire process.

[Photo 2: Students ready to dig in!]

   At roughly 6:30pm, other students gathered in the Self-Kitchen to enjoy the food that was prepared. It was a fun-filled hour as they shared, laughed and partook in the delicious spread in front of them. The main takeaway is that many of them got to make new friends, share about each other’s lives and having a more enjoyable time as a freshman student in Yonsei University. It was a delightful experience and one that well illustrates the distinctiveness of Allen House. 

[Photo 3: All the food that was prepared]

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