Zellers’ Halloween Decoration Festival

 Zellers’ Halloween Decoration Festival

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of the Appenzeller International House. It has now become a tradition to celebrate it by organizing some sort of an RC program. This year the Appenzeller dormitory team decided to give a platform to students who are especially enthusiastic about festival decorations. They came up with an RC program called “Zellers’ Halloween Decoration Festival.” The task was simple. Firstly, the students were to decorate their dormitory rooms, if they reside in the dormitory, or house and even backyard, if they live outside of the dormitories, with the Halloween spirit in mind. Next, they were to record and post the decoration process and result in an open chatroom full of other decoration enthusiasts. And finally, they were to share what inspired them to decorate the way they did.

[Image 1: Zellers’ Halloween Decoration Festival]

Many students took interest in this program, with those who live in the dormitory sharing pictures of their desk full of plastic pumpkins, Victorian gloves, foggy globes, and other props. Those who spent Halloween with their family shared pictures of their Halloween dinner table, full of candy and pumpkin dishes, and some even shared their backyard decorations with carved pumpkins and orange lights. As the open chatroom filled up with everyone’s pictures, the students evaluated each other’s decorative styles and some even shared their Halloween costumes. Even though many people were not present in Korea due to online classes, this event helped share the Halloween spirit and celebrate it together, even on different continents. 

[Image 2: Zellers’ Halloween Decoration Festival]

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