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As midterms drew closer, so did the first main event of the semester. The three RAs in charge invited Zellers to compete in a battle of the minds. Who would they be up against? None other than our very own residential master, the illustrious Professor Michael Hope. Forty Zellers would take the challenge to try to prove their abilities against the professor to win the prizes, but would they be able to beat him in a category he chose himself?

With fifty questions made by the RAs in subjects ranging from geography to media, the Zellers fought hard for a spot in the top ten. As the questions got more challenging, the banter between Zellers and Professor Hope grew fiercer. Even after forty questions, and with only ten contestants left, the leaderboard would continue to fluctuate, leaving everyone in suspense as to who would be given the chance to go head to head against the professor. 

Finally, after a hard and intense fight filled with jokes, laughter, and distractions, the results were in. Ten Zellers found themselves in the final round. Given a five-minute break as the RAs prepared, the Zellers who did not make it chose their players to cheer for. Of course, some cheered for their fellow Zellers, but Professor Hope became a fan favorite due to his hilarious banter and well-placed confidence. Then, the category of the Hope round was revealed. Professor Hope's chosen category was soccer. With the category penultimate revealed, the ‘Hope’ round began with a lot of excitement. The RAs expected some struggles, but Professor Hope and the Zellers all showed their knowledge as the leaderboard showcased the tight competition. The Hope round would only have 20 questions, so the chances of climbing the leaderboard would be a lot tougher. As the end came nearer with the passing of each question, everyone got closer and closer to the edge of their seats.

Were the Zellers able to beat their residential master? The results of Hope VS Zellers were in. Appenzeller had their three winners. Professor Hope ended in seventh place, giving 6 Zellers the glory and bragging rights of beating the man himself.

Hope would not claim a prize on this day as three of our very own Zellers walked away with bragging rights and the cool prizes. Better luck next time, Professor.

By Cecilia Tomine SkramView 62

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