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   Taking place only once in 5 years, the Presidential election is to no question a nation-wide special occasion, not to mention an important determinant for the future course of the country. Voting participation in every demographic group is therefore crucial during this period to make the best decision for the nation. And what with political interest in Korea peaking particularly high for this election, the RAs of Allen House decided to organize a House program corresponding to the occasion, in order to raise political awareness within our age group, especially for those who have just reached the voting age.

[Picture 1] Screening of the Presidential Debate

   Thus, the “Allen Vote” program was arranged, and the first direction it took was to screen the entire live broadcast of the May 2nd Presidential Debate in a large open space, making excellent use of Allen’s personal large projector screen as well as its top quality projector. At the day of the broadcast, attendance was taken both before and after the screening time, encouraging RC students to remain on G dormitory’s 3rd floor staircase to watch the entirety of the debate and listen carefully to the election pledges of the candidates. The G dormitory staircase, although more commonly known to students as the “Chicken Staircase” for ordering chicken, was transformed specifically for that day to a public stage efficiently delivering the live happenings of the debate.

[Picture 2] Students watching the debate on the G Dormitory 3rd floor staircase

   After concluding the live debate screening, the second part of Allen Vote promoted involvement via social media. A few days after the debate, between the period of preliminary voting and the actual voting period, every Allenian student was informed of the opportunity to win a one-time free chicken delivery by posting an election-related acrostic poem on the Allen Facebook page, using words such as “vote” and “presidential election.” By the end of the event, the top 3 students who received the most number of “likes” from other students were to win the free order of chicken. Students who took the challenge were also free to add related photos or memes to their thread to increase chances of winning. To encourage participation, even all of the Allen RAs went far as to post their individual work as well, providing some model examples for the RC students.

   Throughout the whole event, a fair number of students actively posted their works to partake in their chances of winning, each giving their creative input for raising political awareness. The ultimately chosen top 3 works of the students were especially original and meaningful in their own ways, from calling empathy to their unfortunate situation of being yet underage to vote, to touching upon some clever political satire.

   Looking back, if by any chance the Allen Vote program was able to encourage at least one more vote from those who can vote, and a minute more of interest from those who yet cannot, it should be seen as an honorable success.

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