Aristotle Chang Seop’s Photography 101

   Aristotle House held the first lecture out of our Aristotle RA lecture series on May 1st. RA Changseop, our Aristotle photographer who continues to do a fabulous job at taking some great photos for the students at Aristotle events, prepared a fantastic lecture on the basic principles of photography. The lecture was held in Veritas A 108 and 39 students attended, despite the fact that it was a busy time for the students due to group projects and post-midterm assignments. The students were provided with some snacks to munch on during the lecture. RA Changseop explained about the basic workings of a DSLR camera, including the aperture; shutter speed; and ISO. The mechanisms of a DSLR were contrasted to the functions of mirrorless cameras and phone cameras, and Changseop gave us some cool tips about how to make the most out of those limited functions of the inferior substitute cameras. Although some of the content was technical, RA Changseop nevertheless managed to make the lecture very engaging by making it an interactive session. The students found the lecture very useful. Jae Uk Kim (17 ISED) commented: ‘The photography lecture was my first RA's lecture in Yonsei university. Before the lecture, I took pictures by my feelings. It was useful to know theory of taking photo. Also, Ra Changseop's explanation was very great to understand lecture.’Overall, the lecture was a successful one – great job RA Changseop!

[Photo 1]  Opening slide of Changseop's lecture

[Photo 2]  Lecture Slide - what is shutter speed?

[Photo 3]  Lecture Slide - testing the students

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