Aristotle X UGC Potluck

   Aristotle has always been proud of the diversity of its students, and on April 26th Aristotle collaborated with UGC to host Potluck in a celebration of multiculturalism. The event was held in the dorm 1 cafeteria, and even though it was far away from dorm 2 where Aristotle is located, many students still came to participate. Both international students and Korean students tried their hardest to cook local cuisines with none other than the residential master, Professor Hope, showcasing his skills. More cooks meant a wider array of dishes, and while many students were first time cooks, all of the food was delicious and everyone left satisfied.

[Picture 1] - UGC members
[Picture 2] students lining up for the food

By STP 16 Hag Jai DoView 204

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