Aristotle - Quiz Night

   Fun and action-packed are two ways to describe Quiz Night, an event held by Aristotle on May 22nd. Every year, Aristotle invites its students to a battle of wits, and this year about 80 students came to participate. The quiz questions ranged across topics such as Songdo, Yonsei and the RAs. To keep things interesting, there were also physical activities such as making human pyramids. Since the tasks and questions were difficult, cooperation was key and everyone had a role to play. The competition was fierce and the quiz came down to one question, with two groups competing for the coveted first place. In the end, the Monami Pens came out as winners to cap-off a great night.

[Picture 1]  Champions

[Picture 2]  Students challenging a question in activities section

[Picture 3] Students about to throw the disk and steal a question

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