Aristotle Pepero-Making Day

  [Photo 1: Aristotelians decorating their peperos]

 Aristotle House helped the students make peperos to share with their loved ones. First, we melted chocolate bars in a steamer so that the chocolate would melt without being burnt. Then we poured the melted chocolate into cups and dipped the breadsticks in to coat them. We finished by decorating the peperos with sprinkles and assorted candy. This is where it got tricky. We found that if you decorate too early, the sprinkles and chocolate will drip-off, yet if you decorate too late, the decorations will not stick to the chocolate. The first batch of peperos were experimental and many of them were eaten by the students. But we learned from our mistakes and the next batch was much better. The students had a great time preparing the peperos, whilst thinking of their loved ones. 

  [Photo 2: Aristotelians with their completed peperos]

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