Party Like a Zeller!

[Photo 1] Party DJ

   The Black and White Party was hosted by Appenzeller House on Thursday, May 10th, at the lobby of Veritas Hall B. The Black and White Party has been a tradition since Aristotle House and was held in collaboration with RedBull.

   With lights, music, and of course the black and white dress code, Appenzeller House students were able to take a night off studying and enjoy time with their peers. Students from other houses were welcomed, along with non-RCs, to join in the fun. At the photo wall, students that applied in advance got their photograph taken.

   Appenzeller House invited student clubs to come as well, and Fever and RYU came to perform. Fever performed several dances, and RYU showed their collaboration with the DJ in their hip hop stage. After the club performances were over, the students were free to dance. With endless cans of RedBull prepared, they showed remarkable energy on the dance floor. In fact, the energy did not even run out at 10 PM, the expected time of ending. The RAs allowed some more time for the remaining partiers, and then it was time for bed.

   Approximately, two hundred Zellers enjoyed the party, and more than thirty non-Appenzeller students also came. Only Appenzeller House students were given two RC points for their participation. 

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