Goodbye, Appenzeller, Appenzeller Banquet

   Another great semester has passed with countless memories. Appenzeller House has hosted many educational and recreational events for its RC students.

   In December, RC students have to deal with the cold weather and the strong wind of Songdo as well as the stress from their overwhelming projects and papers. It is also the month of goodbyes because after the fall semester, most of our Zellers will be sophomore students. They will have experienced their eventful and emotional freshmen year with their friends in the environment of the RC. Therefore, Appenzeller House decides to host its annual end-of-year-banquet to spend a memorable time with RC students.

   In previous years, the Appenzeller Banquet was organized in a cozy and chill atmosphere. Zellers dressed up in their formal dresses and suits according to a dress code. At the banquet, students could take many pretty photos with their friends at the photo booth decorated festively by the RAs. Students also enjoyed a good buffet while watching performances prepared by their fellow Zellers. Therefore, for the 2018 Fall semester, Zellers are looking forward to taking part in this annual tradition. 

[Picture 1] Keeping memories of Appenzeller House in the drawings

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