Breaking the Ice - Crazy Arcade

[사진 1- 물총 게임]

[Picture 1] Water Gun Fight

   The Crazy Arcade was hosted by Appenzeller House on Thursday, September 13th, at the green field in front of the POSCO building. The Crazy Arcade has been a traditional event since Aristotle House inaugurated it in 2017.

[Picture 2] "Pass the Ball Relay" Game

   With music and lots of activities prepared for the event, Appenzeller House students were able to break the awkward atmosphere at the beginning of the semester and work together for victory. The games prepared for the events included a speed quiz, carrying eggs on spoon, moving the hoop along 7-8 group members and finally a tail game where groups had to pull out the whitetail attached to the last person of the other groups. The final stage of the event was the “Water Gun Queen Game,” where groups tried to shoot the queen with the white shirt as much as possible to determine the winners.

[사진 3] "Catch the Tail" Game

   Approximately, fifty Zellers participated in the event, and it was indeed a very competitive event.  Appenzeller House students were given two RC points for their participation, and the winners were treated in return of their efforts.

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