Name Cards for International Students - English Name Cards

Names are the unique individual identity of people. Currently the international campus dormitory has name cards in front of the doors not only because it is important for safety but also because it helps the RC students stay connected. However their design is quite dull, with a simple blue background with just Korean names. So the Appenzeller House RM and RAs decided to give the name cards a little design to brighten up the hallways and also to help create a sense of community.

[Picture 1] Name Card

By making Appenzeller name cards, the RCs decorated their doors with unique designs. Throughout the semester, when the students walk down the hallway, they pass by a number of name cards and get an idea of who lives on their floors. They will also look at each other’s unique designs and see which room has the best artists. This is a new  project that has helped to promote self-expression, community, and create a unique physical space in the hallways of Appenzeller House.

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