Rise by Making Harmony

   If you have heard beautiful melody when you were passing by Vision Hall or Veritas A by any chance, it is Harmony Allen. Harmony Allen is group of Allen House students who truly enjoy singing together and were ready to blend their unique voice into single harmonious melody. Led by RA Hyungseok Ryu, 16 Allenians have had meeting for four times and every meeting they had was not only full of pleasure but also fruitful that they are finally ready to perform the song they practiced at the Allen House Party in front of all the other Allenians.

[Picture 1] First Meeting of Harmony Allen

   However, even though they were passionate about singing, their sound of harmony was not something that could be easily achieved from the very beginning. Some students were not capable of reading the musical notes and had hard time bonding with the other members thereby keeping them passive and feeling embarrassed about singing out loud. But soon after the first meeting at which they introduced themselves and learned how to read the musical note, their harmony also started to improve at a fast pace since their emotional connection between them was getting stronger along with their effort on singing in tune. RA Hyungseok Ryu, who was first worried about the students who were shy and having hard time having accurate intonation, soon never lost his smile on his face due to their incredible effort and attitude of being eager to learn from each other.

[Picture 2] Emotional Interaction of Harmony Allen along with its musical interaction 

   From the closer sight, Harmony Allen was not merely setting their core value on making the harmony perfect by either investing more time on practicing or improving individual ability of each members. What was even more noticeable from their meeting was their mindset of putting themselves down for a moment and listening carefully to the sound of the members who were next to them when they were singing. RA Hyungseok Ryu was also fascinated about the beautiful mindset of Harmony Allen which was naturally formed without his encouragement. He stated, “When they are concentrating on each other’s sound to make our theme song ‘Seasons of Love’ even more harmonious they naturally look into their eyes which is one of the most beautiful sights that can be seen in every meeting. I think this trivial but huge sacrifice of prioritizing the harmony over their own uniqueness could be the first step for the students to serve the Allen’s motto, ‘Rising by Lifting Others.’”

[Picture 3] Meeting Full of Pleasure

   The performance of Harmony Allen is scheduled on June 2nd at Allen House Party. Watching their musical interaction during the performance, all the other Allenians are expected to naturally recognize and emulate the way the members of Harmony Allen “rise by lifting others” from their mindset of adjusting their unique voices as one of the components of the harmony.

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