Run, Zellers Run!

   On Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, Appenzeller launched our annual program for freshmen: ‘Running Zellers.’ Based on the Korean TV Program “Running Man (SBS)”, students completed missions around campus as a way to meet their RAs, make new friends, and familiarize themselves with the new campus. The program was intentionally set on the first week of the semester so that they would know the locations of different buildings within the campus, which may be quite maze-like at the initial stages of their university life.

[Picture 1] Running Zellers Official Poster

   The missions took place at hard-to-find or essential locations around Yonsei International Campus, such as the Power Plant or the Dorm 2 Self-Kitchen. Within the two-hour time limit, the teams had to pass all the missions and visit as many checkpoints as possible. Points were given based on how many times it took for teams to pass the missions, and when they submitted proof that they had visited the checkpoints.

[Picture 2]Completing the mission at the Career Development Center

   The students gathered at the seminar room to meet their teammates for the event. Each team had at least one 18.5 team leader familiar with the campus as well as a group of 5 to 6 first-semester students from different RC groups. The RAs explained the instructions, gave out important notices such as how to call for help and how to hand in checkpoint proof, and then the teams set off. Different groups had different personalities, and thus, the strategy they undertook differed from team to team. Due to the different speeds, some teams went to more checkpoints than others. The cold weather discouraged some groups from visiting all the checkpoints or completing all the mandatory mission points, but everybody had a chance to socialize with each other and work together as a team. The top three teams received a particularly welcome prize when they returned to the dorms: free delivery food of their choice! The RAs had ordered the food ahead of time, so it was waiting for those who had participated most energetically and enthusiastically during the course of the event. Eating together was a great way to celebrate their teamwork.

[Picture 3] Completion of mission 'Pitch Perfect'

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