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    With the wake of the Covid-19, nearly all ordinary offline activities have turned remote, from classes to work to religious services. As a result, people stay inside and at home unless necessary, especially as the virus persists in fluctuating degrees of severity. Such a situation has often led to the standstill of activities not deemed necessary, especially in the offline environment: for many, exercise has been declining as a routine of daily life. This same phenomenon can also be seen in freshmen students as socializing and their new field of study become prioritized. Allen BTS, short for Allen Body Training Session, as a hub program addressed such problems, perfect both for the current Covid-19 situation and increasing inactivity of freshmen students. RA Kangrim Cho planned and executed the program with Yonsei University alumna Sihyeon Lim, a certified pilates instructor.

    As an Allen hub program, Allen BTS recruited members from other houses, while also limiting the total number of Allenians and other house students to 50. However, due to the overwhelming number of applicants, the program increased its participant limit to 70 students.

    For preliminary preparations, RA Kangrim Cho, Instructor Sihyeon Lim, and Allen RM Mihyun Kim met on April 26th at the Yonsei University International Campus to film instructional videos for the program. The filming was done in an actual dorm room in order to be more applicable to students, especially since Yonsei University was still considering offline classes at the time. The exercise sequences were tailored by the instructor to be applicable for students excercising in the limited spaces of a dorm room. The instructor demonstrated some positions and stretches while others that needed a detailed explanation used RA Kangrim Cho as a model. The resulting video was edited by the RA in close communication with the instructor.

[Image 1]: RA Kangrim Cho also helped instruct the students on the various exercises by serving as a model.

    The actual program was executed in three stages, happening on the 16th, 23rd, and 30th of May. The first session included guidelines on the basic positions, breathing methods, and 10 different exercises. After students were given an hour from 7:30 pm to watch the video and follow the instructions, they also had a 30 minute Zoom session with the instructor herself on any questions and comments they had. Students were quite enthusiastic asking questions and learning additional exercises the instructor taught them on the spot.

[Image 2]: Instructor Sihyeon Lim demonstrating the Saw position in a dorm room. Tips were included in the video in the form of captions. 

    The second session happened after RA Kangrim Cho delivered detailed student feedback of the program to the instructor for areas of improvement. This was done until the end of the program. The second video included a recap of past material and 10 more exercises to learn and try out. This was again followed by a Zoom session. Although the instructing film for this session was approximately 40 minutes, longer than the last, students were still attentive and asked detailed questions on each exercise.

[Image 3]: The video was edited to be amusing and interesting to watch, making the program more enjoyable.

    The third session was the same as the second, except with additional exercises to recap. Students at this point were used to the exercises and could execute them more smoothly. Many commented on how they started doing the exercises on a regular basis, especially when they felt tense and tired from taking online classes. As demonstrated by the positive responses, the program well achieved its objectives, figuring as another valuable long-term Allen program.

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