Prepping for Job Hunting with ‘Appenzeller Career Counselors’

    Career paths and job applications may seem like a faraway affair for freshmen. None of us are accustomed to job interviews, aptitude tests nor what abilities we have to display in order to get employed in certain areas. However, we cannot deny the fact that such research will become necessary in our later years at college. Luckily, Appenzeller students had the opportunity to learn such information about various industries through ‘Appenzeller Career Counselors’.

    This programme was hosted by RA Na in order to help Appenzeller students gain knowledge about job seeking and applications by sharing information with each other during weekly sessions. During these Career Counselor sessions, participants joined a Zoom session where they were given a basic orientation about the activity in general. Then, they were sent into Breakout Rooms to work with other students as a team to create information slides (카드뉴스) on career-related information and resources targeted for college students. Such information included interview tips, useful websites and books, courses available at Yonsei or within UIC. As a project-style activity, Zellers could also interact with each other by working together towards a common goal of creating information slides. Each week, a different industry was announced as a theme for the weekly sessions.

    As of early June, ‘Appenzeller Career Counselors’ has held sessions regarding the following three themes: Marketing, Politics/International Relations and Technology. Zellers delved into the unfamiliar realm of employment and brought back information that wasn’t even specified in the orientation guidelines. Each team produced an outcome with their own distinct style. Zellers’ slides included websites such as Career Builder and Media Bistro, UIC lectures such as Game Theory with Applications and Strategic Marketing in Creative Industry, essential books such as Harry Beckwith’s ‘Selling the Invisible’ and even YouTube channels such as American Marketing Association.

    Prizes were given to teams who produced the most informative and creative post according to the weekly theme. Moreover, their post would be uploaded on Appenzeller House’s official Instagram page. Apart from this incentive, all participants could gain information on employment and distinctions between different industries. Moreover, as they were put into Breakout Rooms of two to three, Zellers had the chance to casually chat with each other about their everyday lives while working on the information slides, which boosted the general idea of teambuilding.

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