Making Reading a Good Companion of College Life

    Many college students lose the composure of reading a book. Many are occupied with their busy college lives, struggling to handle their studies, human relationships, student clubs, and extra-curricular activities. So, reading a book is being forgotten in the lives of college students. Reading is considered as an unnecessary activity that is merely time consuming and unproductive in carrying out the campus life. RA Jae Hyun Han thought that this phenomenon was problematic and organized a program to provide an opportunity where freshmen students can read throughout their busy first semester. The goal of the program was to read one full book for the semester and enrich their reading experience through various activities. Thirty-four students signed up for the program and the program was carried out over four sessions.

             For the first session, students filled out a survey to look back on their reading conditions as college students. The survey asked questions to figure out how much time students put their time into reading and how much books students read on a regular basis. Over 60% of the participants replied that they read less than an hour per week and 37% students replied that they do not read a single book for a month. Then, the students filled out a second survey to decide the book they would read for the semester. In the second survey, students divided the book they chose into three parts and formed a reading plan over the following three sessions.

[Photo 1] For the first session, students filled out a survey to look back on their reading conditions as college students and selected a book that they would read for the program.

             In the following second, third, and fourth session, students read the books they had selected according to their reading plans. At each session, students filled out a simple book report to think back on the section they read for a week. Students were to write the most memorable scene, quote, phrase, or line in detail and describe why that part was the most impressive section. Especially in the second and fourth session, students were required to gather in Zoom and share their book reports with their fellow students. Students were randomly assigned in small groups of three or four and they introduced their reading experience for the week. The Zoom session enabled students to interact with other participants of the program and deepen their understanding of the book by explaining their personal thoughts on the book.


[Photo 2] A book report that a student filled out for the third session of the program.

             At the last session, students completed their goal of reading the whole book they selected at the beginning of the program. Students filled out a book report that asked a few additional questions. The book report asked student’s impressions of the whole book and their final thoughts on it. Many students expressed that the book they read were cherishing ones and it gave them an opportunity to take some time and look back on their lives.


[Photo 3] For the book report of the last session, students answered additional questions to express their thoughts on the entire book.

             As all students succeeded in reading the entire book they chose, the program was completed achieving its goal. Many students expressed that the program was beneficial because they had the chance to read a whole book after a long time. They also expressed that the book they chose were impressive and that they realized the value of reading books even in busy lives. The program provided a turning point for the reading lives of students and we expect our students to spend much time with books throughout their college lives.

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