<Appenzeller Notion Workshop>

Managing and planning objectives might get tricky at times. Especially during these pandemic seasons, there are a lot of things to get done with. Whether it is given by the school or personal pressure, it is hard to manage every task. It can get quite overwhelming if one does not know how to put these tasks in order. Fortunately, for students who want to be more organized, planned, and better at management skills, RA Jiyong organized the perfect event. Appenzeller Notion Workshop.

Notion is a program where one can organize their notes, create reminders or manage their tasks all at once. As the students in Yonsei have free access to this program, this event was a great opportunity of freshmen to get to know about this privilege they are provided with.

The event started off with RA Jiyong giving the students a presentation regarding the basic concepts of strategic planning and working. The Notion Workshop event was done through Zoom in which RA Jiyong showed the students how to set up a personal Notion page. Through this event, students were able to learn more on how to manage their tasks and goals easier by using Notion. They were also assigned into breakout rooms on Zoom so that they would have a chance to share their goals for this semester and also interact with each other.

After the event, students will be able to strive for their academic or personal objectives for this semester better through the skills they learned.

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