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The situation of COVID-19 has got us all stuck in our rooms, with barely any exercises but just sleeping and eating. It may be hard to find a motivation to exercise, even if it was just going out to have a walk. In these times, we all need someone to push us further and pressure us into getting motivated. The students were given a chance to get this determination through an Appenzeller program named Fitness Habit Challenge!

The program started by inviting all the participants into a KakaoTalk group chatroom. Every morning, the participants were given a mission related to fitness which took about five to ten minutes to complete. Over a week, students were given five missions in total. Some of the missions included “5 Minute Mindful Running”, “10 Minute Upper Body Yoga” or “Wall Sit Competition”.

When the students completed the missions, they shared their pictures and videos with each other. This helped them to both prove that they accomplished the missions and also to motivate each other. Through this sharing, the students were able to get more determined to achieve these mission as they could see they were not alone in this.

The individual winners of the competitive missions were also given prizes so that their hard works would be appreciated. These prizes increased the determination of the students who worked hard to achieve their fitness goals. Through this event, the students were able to make fitness and exercise as their habit. For some students, even if it did not become a habit, they were at least given a week of exercise.

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