<Appenzeller Art Therapy>

By: RA Pelin 

Event Host: RA Munguljin 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are all stuck in our houses without much human interaction. This isolation might be quite stressful, adding to the academic stress from schoolwork. In order to help students step away from their stress, even for a couple of hours, RA Munguljin created an event called ‘Appenzeller Art Therapy’.

During this event, students were told to submit any kind of artwork which they could express their feelings with a short description of how this emotion influenced their mental well-being  and encouraged them to discover themselves. Different types of artwork were submitted, and students could freely express themselves through art.

“It was a good opportunity to look back upon myself for once after a stressful day.”

“I liked the freedom to express art in the way you want.”

“It helped me clear my mind and actually sit down and think about how I've been feeling lately.”

Through this event, the students could distance themselves from the pressure they receive from their daily lives and school. They managed to bond through the language of art which hopefully helped them to feel better psychologically.

By CLC 19 Pelin AKKAYAView 61

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