Appenzeller Special Talk Series: Learning from Our Seniors

As the new semester started, bringing with it hundreds of new students, Appenzeller International House's Residential Assistants started preparing their RC students for university life in Yonsei. And what better method of doing so, if not having a conversation with seniors, who have undergone the trials of the Residential College and four years of rigorous studies. Chief RA Brian organized a series of talk shows called the “Appenzeller Special Talk Series,” in order to invite students for an hour of discussion. The talk series was live streamed on YouTube and students were given the option of leaving questions in a Google form for each guest before the livestream. There were three episodes in total, and each episode had one guest, who was once an Appenzeller student or an Appenzeller RA.

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The first episode was about the RC experience and the guest was past Appenzeller Chief RA Hannah Kim. She talked about her experience as both an RC student and a Chief RA, and how those experiences aided her later in life. As Chief RAs, they were able to thoroughly discuss the importance of the RC and advise freshman students on how to have a fun yet educational RC experience. At the end of the session, Hannah also answered the questions posed by students. The second guest of the series was Ruby Noh, the editor-in-chief of the Yonsei Annals for the 2020 Fall semester. Brian interviewed her about the extracurricular experience in UIC and how students can make the most of it by signing up for the right amount and the right kind of extracurricular activities every semester. Students were advised to follow their passions and become members of student clubs, not only those that they can contribute to but also the ones that can contribute to their own growth. The theme of the final episode of the series was career paths. The guest of the show was past Appenzeller RA Phu Nguyen. The show centered around discussing Phu's experience in discovering his career path and advising freshman students on how to find their own career paths during college. 

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The Appenzeller Special Talk Series was a valuable experience for the RC students, as they were able to learn from their seniors about how to navigate their college life, their RC experience, and their future career path.

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