Crochet With Us

Crochet With Us

Knitting and sewing are the sort of crafts that are usually taught to people at a young age. The former is a hobby many pick up from older family members or from school lessons, while the latter is seen as a life skill that everyone should possess. Yet, there is a third craft that goes hand in hand with these two – crocheting. Crocheting is a process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn. Unlike knitting, which requires two knitting needles, and sewing, which requires a sewing needle, crocheting relies on one crochet hook at a time. The hook can be thin or thick depending on the textile in question. Hats, scarves, gloves, and even cardigans and blankets can be made with a bit of yarn and a crochet hook. These items make for amazing gifts, especially for Christmas. 

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Two Appenzeller RA’s who had recently picked up crocheting, realized the urgency of the situation. Christmas was just around the corner and many students who wished to stay in the dormitories for the winter would have to buy gifts for their friends. And yet, why buy your friends gifts when you can crochet them a personalized clothing item, letting your friends know how much time and dedication you have put into this. Due to this revelation, an RC program was organized to teach students the basics of crocheting. Eager to pick up a new skill, students came to the event prepared – with crochet hooks and yarn in their hands. At the event, the two RA hosts presented about the basic terminology of crocheting – from hooks to slip stitches, from chains to slip knots – along with the basic crochet stitches – single, double, half-double and treble. Some students were complete beginners and struggled even with the first rows of crocheting, others were already acquainted with the craft and were crocheting simple projects while the presentation was going on. Due to the obvious limitation of conducting the program online, it was hard for beginners to truly get a hands-on experience. Which is why after the end of the program, the RAs sent a collection of videos shot beforehand to the students whose curiosity was piqued. And that is how the Christmas gifting issue was solved in the Appenzeller House. 

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