Which One is Better? – Collaboration VS Competition

It is important for one to know themselves in terms of the situations they are better at adapting to. That way, not only can they improve their quality of life by navigating themselves better through the events that happen around them, but they can also get a better idea on what is more difficult for them to navigate through and work on them to become even better communicators. So which one is it: collaboration or competition? Collaboration VS Competition let us find out just that!

Students were given a brief presentation about an article in which people’s perceptions about competition and collaborations were put into statistics, and the concepts, as well as their differences, were explained in detail. Following the presentation, students divided into two teams and played charades and drawing Mafia; games that put the concepts into tests. The nature of these games, for example the ones in drawing Mafia where the Mafia had to draw things slightly differently than the topic everyone had to draw about, brought out the teams’ collaboration and competition skills. The students were asked to explain which aspect of the games made them feel motivated to win after playing the games, and which aspect made them difficult.

The students ended up generally agreeing that collaboration was more efficient whereas competition was more engaging. The article that the presentation was inspired from backed up the students’ findings, so it seems Appenzeller International House students know themselves on a deeper level. Of course, this would also show that the event reached its goal: to make students tune into themselves, hold a mirror to their psychology, and do so while having fun! 

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