<Allen Barbecue Party>: A Celebration of Food, Friendship, and Community

Delicious food and the laughter of new friendships filled the air at the recent <Allen Barbecue Party>! Students from Allen house gathered for an unforgettable evening of Korean-style barbecue and delightful company. Hosted by the Allen house, in a barbecue grill located near the dorm, around 50 enthusiastic participants, along with a team of residential assistants, joined. The event provided the perfect opportunity for students to bond, relax, and indulge in treats. Students engaged in lively conversations, getting to know one another better and forging new connections. The shared experience of preparing and enjoying the barbecue fostered a sense of community among attendees. The <Allen Barbecue Party> truly exemplified the spirit of the Residential College, bringing students together through food, fun, and friendship.

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