<Let's Learn Table Tennis> A Rally of Fun and Friendship

On the evening of September 25th, the campus came alive with the energetic and dynamic <Let's Learn Table Tennis> program From 8 pm to 10 pm, students converged around the dormitory's table tennis tables, clutching their paddles, poised for an unforgettable experience.

To ensure that everyone could enjoy the event to the fullest, students were divided into different groups based on their knowledge and skills. RAs stuck by the side of beginners, patiently guiding them through the ins and outs of table tennis. <Let's Learn Table Tennis> was not just about mastering a sport; it was also about forging new friendships and connections. 

<Let's Learn Table Tennis> left everyone eagerly anticipating more opportunities to bond over sports and fun. As the semester continues, the students will have more table tennis sessions and will have more training, which will ultimately lead to more healthier lifestyle and more sense of belonging of students.


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