​<Eating with Sunbaes> A Nourishing Experience for Freshman Bonds

In a heartwarming event hosted at Allen House, the program brought together a group of approximately ten enthusiastic freshman students and two dedicated Residential Assistants for an unforgettable dining and knowledge-sharing experience. The essence of this event lay in its simplicity, yet it held profound significance—a shared meal and wisdom exchange with "Sunbaes," a term affectionately used to denote upperclassmen in Korean.

Over a hearty meal, students embarked on a journey of questions and answers, bridging the gap between their current experiences and future aspirations. The mealtime served as an informal Q&A session where freshman students had the opportunity to ask their Sunbaes about school life, career paths, and valuable insights for a successful journey through university. 

The RAs, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, provided thoughtful and caring responses, guiding the freshmen in their quest for knowledge and wisdom. showed the power of mentorship, guidance, and the simple act of breaking bread together. This event exemplified the spirit of camaraderie and mentorship that thrives within the Allen House community, leaving an indelible mark on all participants.


By 알렌하우스_송준성RAView 88

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