One-Day Pâtissier

In the 20th century the world was plagued by bloody wars, epidemics, economic crises, and the rise of totalitarian ideologies. Italy suffered its fair share during these tough years, yet Italians never lost their touch for what makes life worth living. And sometimes, what makes life worth it is a coffee-flavored dessert. Tiramisu – a bitter and sweet concoction of ladyfingers dipped in espresso, sugar, heavy cream, and mascarpone cheese flavored with cocoa powder – was one of the greatest inventions in the history of pastry. Having its origins in the northern regions of Italy, this dessert is the magnum opus and a great source of pride for the Italian dessert industry. An Appenzeller House RA, a student who has rigorously studied pastry-making, decided to share her skills with Zellers. She organized an RC event to teach them the history of the dessert and its preparation techniques, as it is not only one of the most famous desserts in the world but also an easy and quick solution for anyone’s sweet tooth. 

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As the event began, a quick history lesson was given about Tiramisu, its origins, and its etymology. It appears that the name of the dessert comes from the phrase “tirami su,” which can be translated as “cheer me up.” And what an appropriate name it is – after all, Tiramisu does cheer up anyone who tastes it. The students were instructed to prepare the base ingredients before the event started, and thus, after the introduction to the dessert, it was time to start the preparation process. Each student had their own way of preparing the pastry, even though they were given the same step-by-step guide by the RA in charge. Some students ended up with small pieces of Tiramisu, some ended up with a big cake, others kept failing and failing. Yet, the feeling of being in a community that shared their love for pastry was the reason why these students had signed up for the event in the first place. Whether the students were successful or not in making the dessert, they had a lot of fun with their peers and lived their dreams of being a one-day pâtissier. 

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