Another Semester of <Zoommates>

Jumping off the success of last semester’s <Zoommate> program, Allen House decided to continue Zoommating with a fresh second semester twist. This semester, we regrouped Zoommates within their classes according to personality traits, hobbies and preferred Hogwarts house. Most Zoommate rooms consisted of three RCs who would clear three missions from our mission list to complete the program. This semester, we updated the missions to include activities such as finding 5 compliments about your Zoommate, watching a movie online together, and creating intro cards for each other. Nearly 200 RCs participated in this program, choosing to use the opportunity to meet their socially-distanced peers.

[Image 1] <Zoommate> Poster

A great addition to this semester’s <Zoommate> program was the Pop-up Zepeto Missions the Zoommates could do for an additional RC hour. Wanting to give every RC a Yonsei dorm experience, a team of Allen RAs recreated Songdo Dorm 2 into a Zepeto Map. In this metaverse, RCs can design their own avatar, choose a wardrobe, then enter a virtual space. By searching “Yonsei University Residential College Allen International House” (연세대학교 레지던셜 칼리지 알렌 국제 하우스), any RC can find themselves digitally transported to the Songdo dorms.

Starting at the spacey front lawn, the Zoommates enter the speedgates to find the wide first floor; a bit of exploration brings you to the dorm rooms, a classroom, and the classic chicken-gyedan (“chigye” or chicken stairs) where Yonseians bonded over late-night snacks. The missions asked the RCs to recreate this dorm experience and take snapshots (screenshots) of themselves having fun in various stations around the dorm. 

About the design, Allenian Dayoon Kang mentioned that the dorm building was “impressively accurate, and it was very fun to see my Zoommates' avatars and come up with poses for the photos.” She thought the experience would be even fresher for RCs who have never been at the dorms at all.

llenian Jaeho Choi also enjoyed the program. He noted that the Zoomate program was to him “the most memorable program this semester.” He commented it gave him a great chance to get to know his fellow Freshmen, and to self-improve and find the fun in college life by doing different activities together. Whenever they reviewed mission screenshots, the Allen RAs enjoyed learning about how much fun the RCs were having with one another. It was a great chance for interaction both for the RCs with each other, and with their RAs.

Though we hope next semester we might have face-to-face roommates again, Allen House will remember this year's <Zoommate> program as part of our great endeavor to connect.

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