<Allen Café>

<Allen Café>


RA Seunghyun Lee


<Allen Café> is the Allen house program which has been a highlight among the Allen house programs, since 2014. Before the Pandemic situation, the Allen RAs prepare some snacks and beverages for RC students at cheap prices, and the profits from food are donated. However, as the Pandemic situation is getting worse, the <Allen café> was keep continued in the zoom meeting sessions. In this semester, From March 15 to 29, Jioh Yoo (2022-1 Allen Int’l House RA, '18) and Soeun Ahn (2022-1 Allen Int’l House RA, '21) Seoyeon Lee (2022-1 Allen Int’l House RA, '21) adopted ‘Happybean’ as an alternative for the donation.

They planned this program with two separatesessions. RAs prepared ice-breaking time (Speed quiz, Balance game, etc.) for RC students and then, allocate them to each group in the zoom session. Through this program, RC students could get an opportunity to know and be familiar with other RC students.

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