Spreading Holiday Cheer <The Magic of Secret Santa in Allen>

For three weeks in November, program spread kindness and surprise in Allen house. The excitement began at the first meeting, where students gathered to set up the Secret Santa arrangement. Each participant discovered who they would play Santa to, and it was a secret! Throughout the three weeks, participants engaged in group meetings to build friendships, with anonymous chat rooms filled with laughter. The highlight was the grand reveal on the last day. After weeks of secret planning and heartfelt messages, participants identified their Secret Santas and exchanged carefully chosen gifts. The room was full of excitement and laughter as surprises were unveiled. 

The essence of transcended mere gifts; it epitomized the prevailing thoughtfulness and kindness within Allen House. It became a testament to students embracing the enchantment of giving, the delight of receiving, and the unifying power forged in our collective togetherness.

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