<My Own Christmas Plant>: Cultivating Festive Joy in Allen

Allen house embraced the holiday spirit with the heartwarming program, <My Own Christmas Plant>. Armed with seeds, students gathered for a unique gardening experience which was planting and tending to their very own Christmas plants. Students also removed the weed. Students took turns watering the plants on designated days of the week. This connected the students with nature and also gave a sense of collective care, as the garden became a shared responsibility among the participants. 

The garden transformed into a lively space. The garden management sessions were a chance for students to learn not only about plant care but also about the principles of teamwork. After a few weeks, it was time for students to decorate their plants, and turn in each one into a unique holiday item. It was an unforgettable experience for each student. <My Own Christmas Plant> wasn't just about gardening: it stood as a jubilation of progress, community spirit, and the sheer delight in generosity. 

By 알렌하우스_송준성RAView 60

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