<Pepero Making Party>: A Sweet Tradition at Appenzeller International House

Every Fall semester, one of the most exciting and giddy times of the semester is the days leading up to Pepero Day in the second week of November! It is a beloved day that allows students to show their gratitude and partnership with their friends and loved ones, and a day where Appenzeller International House corridors are overwhelmed with Pepero boxes. This time, our RAs had a twist: why not make our own Peperos as a gift?

Through <Pepero Making Party>, 11 students got to gather at the kitchen located in Dormitory 2 where our house RAs had prepared chocolate to melt as coating, stick crackers to use as bases, and sprinkles to serve as toppings. They were able to decorate as many sticks as they wished to in their own styles and visions, and pack them up with decorative strings inside transparent packages for their recipients.

Surely enough, when Appenzeller International House students woke up on Pepero Day, many of them had a packet hung onto their doorknobs.

By 아펜젤러국제하우스_딜라라RAView 81

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