Empowering Student Advocacy: <YSCAN x Appenzeller MUNEP/MUNDP> Collaboration for Sustainable Change

Caring about the environment and sustainability has been a vital value for the students of Appenzeller International House, which is why it has been collaborating with Yonsei Student Climate Action Network on putting these values into action. This semester, students got to pursue two goals by collaborating: learning debating styles of Model United Nations and seeking sustainable decisions, showcasing their talented thinking in <YSCAN x Appenzeller MUNEP/MUNDP>!

Students dedicated approximately 6 hours across workshops held on Friday and Saturday. During this time, they actively contributed by crafting resolutions addressing agenda items from the Environment and Development Programme committees. They honed their critical thinking skills, delving into environmental problem-solving from diverse country perspectives, engaging in debates to refine proposed solutions for greater feasibility and realism.

Through this intensive program, students got experience decision-making as leaders, and negotiating for the betterment of their community.

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