Save the Children: Hat Knitting

This semester, Allen House had a program called Save the Children: Hat Knitting. Save the Children is an international non-governmental organisation that promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries. They have a campaign called Saving Newborns Campaign [신생아살리기캠페인]. Together with our students, Allen House is playing a part to bring warmth to babies during harsh weather. 

[Photo 1: Students knitting hats]

Our students gathered in a seminar room for about 2 hours where Knitting Kits (purchased from Save the Children) were distributed and there they learned how to knit a baby bonnet. It was an extremely heartwarming time where students gathered not just to earn points for their RC activities, but it was a way to give back to society and to spread a little love to the world through something as simple as a hat. 

[Photo 2: Yerin RA teaching a student how to knit]

The students had an enjoyable time learning how to knit, getting to know one another, and ultimately, leaving with a warm and fuzzy feeling deep within their hearts, knowing that something they have done has brought about an impact to a little one somewhere out there in the world. 

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