Allen Movie Night

   “I don’t know you but I want you all the more for that…”

   The famous lyrics of “Falling Slowly” echoed along the stairs of Veritas B. The movie “Once” was screened on the walls of the corridor under Veritas B. Though the wind was cold, Allen House hosted a Home Cinema that could warm the hearts of Allen House students.

[Picture 1] Projector Screening Movie [Once]

   More than 150 students gathered on the staircase of Veritas B as the movie started at 8pm. Though many of the students are familiar with the songs presented in the movie, not many had watched the movie itself. The well-known melody, combined with the tranquil but heart aching scenes, formed a relaxing atmosphere through the evening. Several students from other houses also came by and were awed with the experience, stopping for a moment to enjoy the mood. As a few minutes passed through the movie, the movie was paused for a moment to hand out the snacks and drinks to the students. Chicken Thigh burgers and Coke were ready for them this evening. The students had to find their RAs to get their snacks, and for a short moment, it was a great opportunity for the RAs and their matching students to meet each other and say hello.

[Picture 2] Students Watching the Movie

   As the movie ended, not many students were left on the staircase. The night was colder than expected, and many had gone into the dorms. However, those who stayed until the last of the movie serenely enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere with the beautiful night-lights in Songdo. Watching a movie outdoors with a close friend, munching on warm food on a cold night, is certainly a rare and precious experience. And with so many students being together and spending time with each other for one program, it was a night for Allen House students that felt like home.

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