Redecoration of Appenzeller House

    To create a new look for Appenzeller house, Appenzeller RAs decided to hold a House Redecoration Event that would bring people together to enliven the hallways, walls, and common living spaces of G Dong. But they had a problem. How could they come up with a creative, aesthetically pleasing design on a minimal budget? To solve this problem, they reached out to a special group of creatives: the members of Omelet, the student club of the Design Factory Korea. The Appenzeller RAs explained that they wanted to promote a welcoming vibe for students to comfortably enjoy life in the dorms and to share their feelings through interactive boards on each floor. With Omelet’s help they found a solution. 

[Photo 1] RC students making decorations

    Between mid-April to mid-May, Omelet members met several times to brainstorm ideas, study the different color schemes of each floor of the dorm, purchase inexpensive materials from Daiso, and finally create templates that Appenzeller RC students could follow to  create the decorations. The Redecoration event would then include a workshop where RC students—supported by Omelet members and their RAs—made decorative items, and then an installation session in the dorms the following day.

[Photo 2] Installation of decorations in G dorm

    The marathon began on Tuesday, May 14, when more than 20 participants gathered around the tables in the DFK protoshop. Armed with scissors, tape, colored paper, and yarn, they carefully followed the instructions given by the Omelet members. Over lively conversation, the design elements began to slowly take shape. Though initially intended to be a two hour event, several people continued until well after midnight. The following evening, on May 15,  the marathon continued, as 20 Zellers took the folded papers, sticky notes, and pompom chains to the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th. and 10th floors of G Dong—home to all Zellers. The design imagined by the Appenzeller RAs and Omelet members started to emerge... paper flowers around the mirrors, “The Good Life” in block letters strung from door to door, and everything coordinated to balance the floor design.

    By actually producing something and changing the house together, the Redecoration Event participants had a meaningful bonding time where they could have fun, learn more about each other, and share their thoughts while working on a fun arts-and-crafts project. This event succeeded because it not only allowed students to meet new people and relax but also gave them a better sense of belonging to the Appenzeller family.

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