Solution to Polution

  Perhaps there is no other topic that excites our generation, the so-called Generation Z, more than the topic of climate change. Whatever your stance on anthropogenic climate change, it is the present that we have to deal with, and the future that we will have to fight for. And how well we combat the climate crisis will make or break our generation’s legacy. The importance of climate action in global young adult culture is unprecedented, with millions of schoolchildren and university students protesting their governments every single Friday to take action not just for the future of our succeeding generations but also our own.

  South Korea remains a huge contributor to global warming, and so it is crucial for Underwood International College students to take a stand as future global leaders and be more conscious of our own carbon footprint. Due to a high demand for more RC events concerning climate action, Appenzeller International House partnered with Yonsei Student Climate Action Network (or YSCAN) in order to bring our students “Solution to Pollution,” an open lecture on climate change, an event that was open not only to Appenzeller students but to other houses as well.  

[Photo 1] Group photo of students and lecturers in Solution to Polution

  During the lecture members of YSCAN, who are students just like us, presented about man-made climate change, how it came to be, how people take action against it globally and locally, and what solution we can present to the world as students. When the lecture was over, students were encouraged to taste the vegan cake YSCAN prepared for them, as a reminder that even our food choices that seem so trivial have an impact. After the small break, students were separated into six groups and given the task to come up with a resolution that will keep the temperature levels at 2 degrees Celsius (2°C) in the year 2100. Each group represented an important actor in solving climate change, such as China, India, the European Union, the United States, and other developed and developing countries. This teambuilding game was meant to showcase that cooperation and communication between countries is key to solving climate change.

  “Solution to Pollution” is just one of the many Appenzeller International House events that combine our core principle of integrating academic education and play to foster the well-rounded development of our students. 

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