<Online Yoga: Perfect Split in 4 Weeks>

The famous physical and mental collection of exercises called yoga is something most of us have heard about and seen for ourselves - some of us have even tried it. Yoga is an ancient practice that requires more than just physicality. It requires concentration and discipline as you focus on your breathing to help calm your mind while strengthening the body. This can be pretty helpful for any Zellers in need of stress relief. Different styles of yoga can help you achieve different goals, but have you ever imagined that it could help you do a perfect split in only four weeks? One Appenzeller RA took some Zellers on a journey to do just that.

With the pandemic and regulations continuing for the third year in a row, we have all seen ourselves become more stagnant as we work from home or in our dormitories. So to get away from bad postures and aching limbs, students signed up to take part in a four-week challenge to get up from their seats and work hard to gain the complex skill of a split. Despite it being online, the students tried their best to follow along with the RA and work hard to achieve the goal. As they progressed, the RA's confidence grew, and the students improved with the help of the challenging moves. So even though we are unable to meet in person and are more bound to our chairs than ever, we might soon be able to see all Appenzeller students be able to do a perfect split. Maybe some might even take up yoga full-time.

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