Allen Da-bang

<Allen Cafe> is held on November 14 at the Chicken Stairs of Songdo Dormitory, which is a traditional program of Allen House held every semester. Da-bang is the Korean term for a cafe. Seunghyun Lee (2022-2 Allen Int’l House RA, '21) planned and prepared the events for the program and all of the RAs of Allen Int’l House participated in the event. Students can enjoy beverages and snacks with their friends and participate in a donation to a dog shelter. RAs sold both iced and hot beverages and desserts like croffles. When students entered the event room, they get a stamp card and if they get 4 stamps on the card after doing 4 tasks, they were rewarded with RC hours. The preparation for the event took more time than expected and more RC students were waiting for the event. This made the event start a bit late than planned, but thanks to the understanding of the RCs and the teamwork of the RAs, the event could work out smoothly and left as a good memory for RCs and RA. RCs said, “Thank you for preparing this event. It was nice to have a sweet drink and enjoy a relaxing time with friends.” Through <Allen Da-bang>, RCs and RAs had an opportunity to interact with each other. RAs enjoyed the time to prepare food and communicate with the RCs. RCs could join a meaningful activity to donate to the RC program.

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