Allen House Party [Y-OREO]

<Allen House Party [Y-OREO]> held on November 22 at the first basement level of Vision Hall. All of the RAs of Allen Int’l House participated in preparing for the program. Not only RCs from Allen Int’l House but also RCs from other houses could enjoy the program. To make the party even more interesting, the party had a dress code, which is black and white. Students were required to bring a yellow item as the color “Yellow” is the symbolic color of Allen Int’l house. To add music to the party, E.A.T. was invited which is the DJ club of the school. The club provided DJ music for 2 hours, which made the event even more exciting. RAs prepared a photobooth for the RCs and an Instagram event, rewarding 5 students who had the most unique pose. Cocktails, named “Mocktails” in the event, were provided to the RCs. RAs practiced and developed recipes for the RCs to enjoy the DJing music. RCs could also enjoy various snacks such as pizza and chips during the party. For the last hour, the match of World Cup 2022 was played on the screen, and music which was prepared by asking RCs about the music they want to listen to was turned on. <Allen House Party [Y-OREO]> was a program that could provide an opportunity for RCs of various houses to enjoy a party. 

By 알렌하우스_이서연RAView 200

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