Letters from Heaven

  On September 16, RA Hayeong Jeong held the program “Letters from Heaven” in the RA community room. The two-hour long program was organized for the purpose of allowing RC students to contemplate the meaning of death, reflect on their lives, and reform their attitudes toward life. According to RA Hayeong Jeong, another important goal of the program was to provide a platform on which RC students can construct close relationships with each other by sharing their experiences and personal goals. She added, “Thanks to all the RC students who shared their vivid life experiences and unique life goals, the program went more smoothly than I had anticipated.”

  A total of fifteen students participated, and having come from various cultural backgrounds, they were able to share novel and diverse experiences and goals. The students gathered around and got to know each other better by introducing themselves. Then they shared their experiences and feelings of the times they had almost lost their lives. Among the recounted experiences were many nerve-racking stories, such as coming across a serial killer and going unconscious underwater while scuba diving. The students could relate to each other and look back on the incidents that had brought them close to death.

  After that, the RC students wrote down a bucket list, a list of activities they would like to do in university and some longer-term goals they wish to accomplish throughout life. They came up with items that ranged from humble and heartwarming wishes such as buying gifts for their parents with their very first income to some rather wild and more daring ones like cosplaying or getting a tattoo.

  The next part of the program was writing letters to themselves, and everyone engaged in the activity in a serious manner. Then they talked about the beauty within the present, after taking a funeral photo of themselves with a Polaroid camera.

[Photo 1] Allenians' Polaroid Funeral Photos 

  After the program came to a successful close, RC Eugene Ha (ISED 19), shared his thoughts, saying, “I didn’t know that there was such a nice RC program since I haven’t had the chance to participate in diverse RC programs last semester. I am very willing to take part in other future RC programs as well. The program was beyond my expectations and I had a great time.”

[Photo 2] Group Photo

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