Daily Design: Everyone Can Become a Designer

  As the importance of design is increasing more and more, people’s standard of design is being raised. The same situation is also happening at the university. Even students who are not majoring in design face situations in which they have to design things such as posters and presentations with good qualities. However, it is difficult for a freshman to start a design without background knowledge. So, RA Minki Choi who is majoring in Information and Interaction Design and has many experiences working as a designer decided to make a program named “Daily Design” to pass on his design skills. He planned three lessons especially useful for freshmen who are not familiar with design: 1) How to make an eye-catching poster, 2) How to make an effective PowerPoint, and 3) How to shoot and photoshop pictures.

[Photo 1] DFK manager 'Semina Kim' is introducing DFK and its workshop programs to students

  Daily Design was not only about learning how to use design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom but also about thinking about what is good design. Based on the topic of each lesson, Minki asked questions to students about what makes a good design and made students share their ideas together. Then, Minki explained to them how to design a poster, presentation, and photo step by step using design programs. By providing sample sources for exercise, Minki gave students time to try design by themselves using what they learned during the program. Whenever they had troubles, Minki helped them to express what they intended. At last, students shared their works and gave feedback to each other. So, every student could finish the program with their own work.

[Photo 2] RA Minki Choi is giving feedback to students about the posters they made

  After each session, Minki asked students to give feedback about the lesson anonymously using a Google Form. Most students were satisfied with the program because they could overcome the prejudice that making designs and using design programs are difficult. Since every Yonsei university student can use Adobe software free during their college life, students who took Daily Design became able to use these opportunities that they could not use before. The biggest reward that students achieved from this program was the realization that everyone can become a designer.

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