Songmance is a Bonus Book

[Photo 1] Students are discussing the book cover design

  We are living in the age of the image. Today, people consume images more than texts and spend much more time using smartphones than reading books. Therefore, many people are forgetting the value of the book and losing feelings for literature. On the other hand, when they became sophomores, many RC students miss their lives spent in Songdo. RA Hyungseok Ryu found one solution to solve these two problems. To give RC students opportunities to write their own literary works and keep records of their timead in Songdo, Hyungseok made a program named “Songmance (Compound of Songdo and Romance) is a Bonus Book” after the name of the drama <Romance is a Bonus Book> which is about people who are running a publishing company. On September 25th, 14 RC students gathered and discussed the concept of the book and the design of the book cover. After the discussion, they chose to name the book “Before We Grow Up."  After that, they had an individual meeting with Hyungseok to talk about what they wanted to write: essay, poem, or novel. 

[Photo 2] Group photo after the meeting

  After the first meeting, participants wrote their own works about life in Songdo for two weeks. Then, they met again and shared their works with each other. Lastly, Hyungseok collected all finished works, edited them into a book, and published. During this program, students could experience the whole process of making a book. Hyungseok intentionally did not intervene much in the process to give more room for students to be creative and fully express their feelings. And the result was surprising. While making the book, students could truly become writers. At first, most of them had doubts that they could succeed in making a book because no one had any experience. However, by stimulating one another, students could have the courage to write their own works and finish making a book. The book that students made will live forever in their minds and remind them how they lived and what they felt in Songdo.  

[Photo 3] Printed book of 'Songmance is a bonus book'

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