<First time as a College Freshman> Returns

A tragedy of the Covid-19 Pandemic is how it disconnects freshmen from one another. Five Allen House RAs from 2020 to 2021 gathered together to tackle this issue. The result of their synergy was the <First Time as a College Freshman> booklet, distributed to Allenians for the first time last semester. This semester, Allen House continues to use the booklet to build bridges between our students.   

[Image 1: <First Time as a College Freshman> booklet, second edition]

Some aspects of the new edition include a redesigned cover and inner design as well as more tips from sunbaes, including 2020 sunbaes - the first “corona generation” freshmen. The book is divided into three: “A Journey to Find Yourself,” full of introspective quizzes; “Your College Life Roadmap,” which has calendars, planning charts, and reflection pages for Freshman year; then “Tips for your College Life” features Yonsei resources and advice from our Allen RAs… the important must-know info that is somehow never conveyed online. While the booklet itself is a valuable tool, it is exponentially more so when applied to class programs. Through the programs, the RCs get the chance to meet their fellow freshmen; with the booklet itself, they come to know themselves and their school. In this way, Allen House encourages our RCs to think of college life not just through academics, but as a realm of social and emotional preparation.


This semester, the booklet was adopted by both Yoon Dongju House and Appenzeller International House. Yoon Dongju House plans to use the booklet to level out the differences between class programs. RA Shin Yejin, Yoon Dongju House’s head RA, stated, “The varying personalities of the class programs were one of our concerns from last semester. We hope to ameliorate this by applying this booklet across the class programs.” Meanwhile, Tricia Ang (2021-2 Appenzeller Int’l House RA) has high hopes for how the booklet will let the RCs grow. “The feel of it, the vibe of it is good. It’ll help the freshmen really understand that they’re college students now.”

[Image 2: First Time as a College Freshman booklet]

As we grind on, hoping for a better future, Allen House will continue fighting the pandemic by making a better college experience for our RCs. Stay strong, Allenians!

By Hanul Kim (English Language and Literature, ‘18)View 66

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