<Allen Movie Night>: Lights, Camera, Connection!

Allen Movie Night took place across three spectacular evenings in September, October, and November. The event took place outside, at Veritas B stairs for September and October. In November the event took place inside. Each month brought a new movie and a chance for students to unwind, connect, and enjoy some films. Students had the power to choose the movie for the evening from a selection of candidates. As the movies began to play, students settled in with their favorite snacks and friends by their side. It wasn't just about the films; it was about creating shared memories and sparking conversations. The carefully curated movies left a lasting impact on the audience and gave students something to discuss long after the credits rolled.

The essence of <Allen Movie Night> transcended mere film screenings; it encapsulated the art of forging connections and nurturing a communal spirit. This monthly gathering served as a rendezvous for students to unite, exchange tales, and briefly immerse themselves in the enchantment of storytelling.

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