Unveiling Multicultural Serenity: <Pizza and Poetry Night> at Appenzeller International House

Living in an international house, we can subconsciously know the multicultural qualities of our community, yet never come to realize the beauty of it fully amid all the chaos and activity of everyday life. Sometimes we need some help to stop and take it all in, to realize the significance of what otherwise seems mundane. This is exactly what the <Pizza and Poetry Night> aimed for!

Inviting any and all Appenzeller International House students to share poetry in their mother tongue or just to listen, this event saw popular poems in Russian, French, English, Hindu, Arabic, and Spanish alongside Korean. Students were also able to share why they found comfort in poems, and when.

While having the beautiful auditory experience students also got to snack on pizza, creating the perfect cozy atmosphere for a night where they got to share their pieces of literature that brought them serenity!

By 아펜젤러국제하우스_딜라라RAView 83

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