Shall we <Allen Study ToGather>?

While some study better alone, others need the presence of others to focus. With many local libraries working shorter hours and with limited seats, and the campus libraries too far away, the RCs needed a space to study together. Why not an online Allen study room?

[Image 1] <Allen Study ToGather> Poster

From 8 pm to 12 pm for three weeks in November, three days a week, the program <Allen Study ToGather> invited Allenians to work in an online study room. Using the Gathertown program, RA Joomi Park (2021-2 Allen Int’l House RA) designed the ideal study space with individual desks, a group study room, and even areas to rest and chat.

Time spent in the group study room, question room, and individual study desks counted for total study time. The RCs could get up to two RC hours during the program period by working in these areas. RCs were required to keep their cameras on and microphones off while at the desks to resemble a physical study room, and the group study room could be borrowed a day in advance by contacting the program RAs.

[Image 2] <Allen Study ToGather> Map

One of the great potentials of this program was that it allowed RCs to approach their RA seonbaes, both the program RAs and other RAs in the room, to casually ask them for help on certain subjects. The program RAs Joomi Park and Kangrim Cho (2021-2 Allen Int’l House RA) wanted this to mirror the pre-COVID experience where students could ask their RAs questions should they meet them in the halls. The rest and chat spaces also provided this kind of authenticity as the RCs could take stretches of rest and maybe chat with friends. 

Though it didn’t count for RC hours, the Allen Study ToGather room was also open outside of the regular program time so Allen RCs could study together whenever they wanted to. <Allen's Want to Write an Essay> program also took place in the question room to provide a more realistic alternative to Zoom. 

RA Joomi Park noted, "For me, the long nights I spent as a freshman studying with my friends in the Songdo dorms have lasted as really good memories. Even though many students aren't in the dorms because of Corona-19, I wanted them to be able to make good memories with this metaverse experience."

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